I’ve been wanting to write for this PEACH blog, however I found the longer I waited, the more I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So this morning, I’m taking the first step…writing a blog post about writing a blog post! 🙂

I do want to give you the link for the update about Vicki Harris
Visit this site to find out how we can better pray for her.

Hope this PEACH blog will be an encouragement to you all. Leave a comment if there is something you’d like to see covered in a post. Or leave a comment saying you’ve been here.

Have a great day!


Heather is a Daughter of the King, wife to her hunny and mom to their 3 treasures. Homeschooling since 2000, Heather enjoys putting together her own unit studies, lapbooking as well as planning and organizing. Along with her husband, she serves as a leader in their local homeschool support group. Thankful for the grace of God and His strength each day, she relies on Him to help grow to be more like Christ.

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