Note: Policies are determined by the PEACH officers in accordance with the By-laws.

PEACH Mission

PEACH exists to provide support, encouragement and fellowship to independent Christian homeschooling families and to provide information about homeschooling.

PEACH Definition of Home Education

Homeschooling or home education is defined as a parent/guardian providing annual notification of homeschooling to the appropriate superintendent, directs 50% or more of the education at home and is personally responsible for funding the education. Another acceptable definition is if the parent administers an “08” school, has a bachelor’s degree and opposes government controlled education because of religious beliefs.

Statement of Faith

At least one parent must indicate by signature on the membership application that they are in agreement with the PEACH Statement of Faith. No changes (additions or subtractions), notes or comments are permitted regarding the Statement of Faith.

Membership Effective Date

Families shall not be considered members until membership application is completed (either paper copy or on-line registration) and dues have been received.  A pro-rated membership fee of $15.00 is available for families joining on or after January 1st.

PEACH Activity Guidelines and Code of Conduct

All PEACH groups and activities, unless otherwise noted, are reserved for PEACH members only.
All participants are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Biblical principles of respect, courtesy, and morality at all PEACH meetings, events, and activities.

  • All language used should glorify God and edify others.
  • The personal space and property of others should be treated with respect.
  • Physical displays of affection are not permitted at PEACH activities.
  • Participants should respect the activity coordinators and social group leaders and abide by the requirements for participation in the activities they coordinate.
  • Students attending social group activities must be accountable to an adult present.

Activity coordinators reserve the right to admonish or remove a student from the group who has become unruly.

Care Groups

Care Groups are small subgroups of PEACH, meeting to discuss homeschooling topics, share experiences and concerns, promote information sharing, and provide fellowship and encouragement, thus fulfilling the mission of PEACH according to the PEACH Bylaws and Statement of Faith.

New Care Groups must be approved by the Care Group coordinator.

Care Groups will meet regularly between October and April.

The PEACH Activity Guidelines and Code of Conduct should be followed by all participants.

Field Trips

Reservation deadlines are determined by the field trip coordinator and will vary by event. Please check announcements carefully for detailed information.

Signing up for an event at a meeting or online does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations are only confirmed and guaranteed when full payment has been received by PEACH.

Some “free” field trips will require a deposit, which will be refunded upon arrival at the event.

Cancellations of a registration made 2 days prior to the event will be refunded if possible.

If you are registered for an event and an emergency prevents your attendance, you must notify the field trip coordinator by phone, no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the event.

If you do not attend and do not notify, you will be charged a $5.00 “noshow” fee and forfeit any refunds due you. You should pay the fee by the honor system to the PEACH Post Office Box as shown on the public website.

PEACH field trip participants are responsible for the behavior of their families. Families should stay together during tours. Participants are expected to be polite, respectful, attentive, and courteous. Our behavior reflects on us as Christians and on home education. If there is a behavior problem during a field trip, the field trip coordinator has the authority to ask a family to leave the tour. Students attending field trips must be accountable to an adult present on the trip, other than the trip coordinator.

Non-member families may attend a PEACH field trip if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. They are a guest of a member family.
  2. A fee of $2.00 per family is paid to the field trip coordinator. This is over and above the cost of the field trip itself. An exception is made for special helpers such as grandparents. They may attend for no additional fee. Special helpers bringing non-member children will be assessed for the $2.00 fee.
  3. Space must be available. PEACH member families are given priority when space is limited.

Non-homeschooled siblings of PEACH families may attend PEACH field trips.

Field trips are not drop-off activities. A responsible adult must accompany all children.

Skates are covered under field trip policies.

PEACH Bees and Fairs

Participation in: Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, History Fair, Science Fair, etc.

  1. Children must be part of a PEACH member family.
  2. Non-homeschooled children of PEACH member families may not participate in PEACH Bees and Fairs.

Treasury Policies

All monies entrusted to PEACH by its members shall be handled in a financially sound manner, with transparent accountability and Biblical stewardship. As such, the following policies will apply to funds received from PEACH members for PEACH sponsored events.

Checks for PEACH sponsored activities shall be payable to PEACH. No checks shall be payable to Members or Coordinators.

• Post dated checks will not be accepted.

• Checks should be mailed to the PEACH Post Office Box as shown on the public website.

• Checks may be received in person by Coordinators or Leadership Members only at PEACH Sponsored Events and when proper receipt documentation is available.

• Checks collected by Coordinators will be remitted to the Leadership Committee promptly with proper documentation

• No checks are to be mailed or delivered to a Member’s home.

• Cash may be received in person by Coordinators or Leadership Members only at PEACH Sponsored Events and when proper receipt documentation is available.

• Members who pay for PEACH sponsored activities by cash shall receive an official receipt from the event Coordinator.

• Cash collect by Coordinators will be remitted to the Leadership Committee promptly with proper documentation.

• No cash is to be mailed or delivered to Coordinator’s or Leader’s homes.

Newsletter  (Newsletter and Website submission guidelines)

The newsletter editor(s) and leadership of PEACH reserve the right to edit or refuse publication of anything submitted to the newsletter at their discretion.

PEACH members may submit personal classified ads at no charge as often as they wish to do so. The PEACH newsletter will not accept any paid advertisements.

Reimbursement of PEACH Expenses

Any expenses incurred for PEACH, except monthly newsletter expenses, above the amount of $25.00 must be approved by the treasurer. All receipts must be turned in, signed, and may be original or handwritten.

Endorsement of Events

In order for the PEACH name to be used for an event, activity or organization, a written request must be submitted for approval by the PEACH officers.


Events/Opportunities offered by local Christian schools or other organizations to home educators should be made known through the newsletter or PEACH online forum. Making such announcements at meetings takes up valuable time and could be perceived as something that PEACH endorses. Our policy should be one of neutrality.

Child Care

PEACH does not provide child care at the monthly meetings. However, you are welcome to bring your children and keep them with you. There is a nursery where moms can sit with their young children. In most cases, sound is transmitted to the room and you will still be able to hear the meeting.

Electronic Communications

PEACH is using a safe, secure online community where we can conduct all of our PEACH business.  All of our electronic communications will be through this online community.  This makes communicating with members, selling or searching for curriculum and general encouragement all available at the same location.

Alternative membership is available for those choosing to not participate online by contacting the Membership VP.

When posting, please keep these things in mind:

  • Be respectful to others and honoring to the Lord.
  • Responses may be kept private between members or shared for the benefit of all.

Examples of appropriate posts would include:

  • Prayer Requests
  • Encouraging remarks and personal testimonies
  • Items for sale (homeschooling and other items) – in the new Classified section
  • Opportunities and activities – on the News Page or in the Calendar
  • Members looking for work or to have work done
  • Recommendations for services: doctors, mechanics, roofers, etc.
  • Seeking or giving advice
  • Legislative updates
  • Information about political candidates
  • Services offered (writing teacher, music lessons, painter, etc.)

Examples of inappropriate posts would include:

  • Debates and arguments
  • Controversy
  • Unsupported claims and forwards
  • Rumors
  • Negative tones
  • Rants and diatribes


  1. The PEACH President shall appoint the Graduation Coordinator, per PEACH By-laws, Article VI—Duties of Officers. “The president shall: appoint committee heads.”
  2. All participating families must have been members of PEACH by January 1 of the previous school year (graduating student’s junior year of high school.)
  3. All participating seniors must be home schooled as defined in the PEACH By-laws. The PEACH leadership team will consider any special circumstances on an individual basis.
  4. All graduates, parents/guardians, junior representatives and anyone closely associated with the ceremony must attend a mandatory rehearsal.
  5. Parent(s)/guardian(s) and graduates must make every effort to attend and participate in planning meetings. Each family will be expected to have at least one parent/guardian participate in planning by volunteering for a committee.
  6. All participating families must be willing to contribute to the cost of graduation operational expenses (i.e. monetary gifts for speakers, musicians, emcee, decorating expenses, etc.) Amount will be determined by the coordinator at the first planning meeting after membership deadline.
  7. Each family will be responsible for their own personal expenses due (i.e. rental of cap and gown, personal open house/parties, any cost pertaining to any graduate activities organized by the activity committee, senior pictures and announcements, gifts, etc.)
  8. Junior class representatives must be graduating or considering graduation the subsequent year with PEACH. Siblings of the current senior class will be considered first in representing the junior class before the general PEACH membership.
  9. All parents and graduates will be supportive and respectful of each family’s God directed plans for each individual home school, while striving to have a Christ-like attitude during all meetings, activities, rehearsals, etc.


Non-homeschooled children of PEACH families MAY NOT participate in PEACH testing. We want to afford our children the best atmosphere for testing to provide the opportunity to concentrate and to allow them to demonstrate their knowledge. Therefore, the test administrator will maintain a high degree of discipline in the classroom. This includes: total quiet during each test period—no whispering, eating, playing, or any other distracting activities will be allowed. As each child enters the room, food and toys will be deposited in the designated place. Students may only take needed testing materials and items such as books or seat work with them to their seat. No parent may be a test administrator or helper in his/her child’s class.

Each family participating in testing must be available the week of testing and the week following testing. If a student misses any section of the test due to an unforeseen circumstances (sickness, emergency, etc.), the parent will be required to pay a PEACH certified tester to administer the remainder of the test for your child. Make-up tests must be scheduled at the administrator’s convenience in the week following the PEACH test dates in order to assure timely results for the entire group. If you are unable to do the above, other options would include negotiating with BJU for a partial refund, having a narrative assessment or IOWA testing done by a certified teacher.

Change Notice

Unlike the PEACH By-laws, which have to be voted on by the membership, policies are determined by PEACH officers and can be changed at any time without notice. Please check this page of the website http://peachhomeschool.org/about/policies/ for the most recent version.

Updated December 2013

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