While I was away on a trip to help my sister recover from surgery, I read chapter two of Satisfy my Thirsty Soul. In this thought provoking chapter, Dillow says that Scripture was key in giving her a deeper understanding of God’s holiness. To me, this sounds like a no-brainer. Of course Scripture is going to give us a deeper understanding of God’s holiness. But how many times do I read the Bible and not process it. I don’t come away with a deeper understanding of His holiness; but maybe a sense of accomplishment that I’ve read my Bible.

A.W. Tozer said, “God has been abridged, reduced, modified, edited, changed and amended until He is no longer the God whom Isaiah saw, high and lifted up.”

My prayer is that I will see Him, high and lifted up. That I will see my sinfulness, repent of it and then be able to worship Him fully. Dillow gives the definition of “worship”–“worthship”; to attribute worth to something or someone; an active response to God that declares His worth.”

He is worthy of so much more that I give Him.


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