As some of you may know, my Nana went home to be with the Lord a few weeks before Christmas 2008. Nana was my biggest cheerleader and through many times in my life, was my best friend. In a challenging time as a young teenager, I moved in with her. She left me a note one morning that said:

‘If things get tough – and they will – read these over and over and understand what they are telling you. You can do it – keep your eye on the future – not the present.’

I love you


She attached an old newspaper clipping that said the following:

The Seven Habits
1. Be pro-active. You are responsible for your life. Decide what you should do and get on with it.
2. Begin with the end in mind. Think of how you want to be remembered at your funeral. Use this as a basis for your everyday behavior.
3. Put first things first. Devote more time to what’s important but not necessarily urgent.
4. Think win-win. Have an abundance mentality. Seek solutions that benefit all parties.
5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Don’t dive into a conversation. Listen until you truly understand the other person.
6. Synergize. Find ways to cooperate with everyone. Value the difference between people.
7. Sharpen the saw. Continually exercise and renew four elements of your self: physical, mental, emotional-social and spiritual.

I have referred to these habits all of my life. As I continue to hold these papers that are almost twenty years old and will continue to until my days come to an end, I pray that these habits will inspire you.

With the love from my Nana,
Nancy E. Hill

The Seven Habits

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