We know that life is often difficult. We encounter trials, we suffer and we struggle with sin.  We understand that we are fighting a spiritual battle. How do we prepare for the battle?

I’m working through a Bible study and today there was a list of ideas of how to praise Him before going into battle.  You may be thinking that it’s strange to praise Him, but really that’s what He wants from us. Praise and thanksgiving…

So here’s some ideas:

  • find a quiet place to pour out your heart to Him. Spend time in solitary worship, sing to Him, praise Him and make your heart glad in Him.
  • study through the hymns and make a regular practice of singing hymns and praise songs
  • learn to use every temptation from the evil one as a stimulus to turn your heart toward Him.
  • Practice worshiping the Lord when you are hit with bad news. Over time, let it become an automatic response to instantly worship the Lord.
  • know your struggle times and have a pre-plan in place
  • count your blessings, read His promises
  • listen to music that lifts your heart up in praise to God.

You will find strength to obey God when you worship Him.

I love that last line…I will find strength to obey Him when I worship Him! Yahoo! So, like the little children’s song says “Praise Him, Praise Him, all you little children.”

Leave a comment and share with us how you praise Him and the difference this has made in your life.

Praise Him, Praise Him

2 thoughts on “Praise Him, Praise Him

  • September 30, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    thanks for sharing…great ideas.

  • October 1, 2009 at 1:31 am

    I think one of my kids (when little) used to sing, “Praise Him, praise Him, awful little children…”

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