Todd Wilson spoke last night at our monthly PEACH meeting. He was fantastic!! We welcomed several new PEACH members as well as many visitors. Thanks everyone for coming out and I trust you were encouraged by Todd’s talk.

I was encouraged but also challenged to work with my husband to have an unbeatable team! Here are some notes I jotted down as he was speaking:

Husbands: lead your families *You are the “Lead Dog”

Wives: let your husbands lead *Follow the “Lead Dog”

Husbands: Listen to your wives–be concerned about the things that concern her.

Wives: When you ask for your husband’s advice, say “thank you” and take his advice.

Husbands: encourage your wives

Wives: encourage your husbands; encourage his dreams and big ideas

Husbands: understand your wives

Wives: desire your husbands *don’t forget your husband in the midst of homeschooling

Husbands and wives: pray for each other

Enjoy your children.

The evening ended with us listening to a song called “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney. Here is the link to the YouTube of the song.

Please feel free to add your comments about the meeting in the comments section.

Highlights from Todd Wilson

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