Dr. Karen Holinga is our speaker for the October 14th PEACH Meeting. Dr. Holinga is a reading specialist, and she works full time tutoring children with reading difficulties and counseling homeschool families in curriculum development. Her topic for our meeting is…Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing!
When God calls us to homeschool we are frequently overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions we have to make.  Questions addressed will include:

* How do I balance between the spiritual and the academic?
* How much time every day should we do school?
* What if we don’t get science (or something else) done?

Dr. Holinga will help you clarify how to determine your current goals while staying within the confines of The Ohio State Regulations and help you look toward the future.*

You are welcome to ask all the questions you want answered.  If you know your question(s), please email them to me before the meeting (by October 10) and I will forward them to Dr. Karen so she can prepare answers for them.  If you have a question arise at the meeting, you will be able to ask it.

Doors open at 6:45 for sign ups for field trips, homeschool portraits and care groups.  And after the meeting there will be another opportunity for sign ups and to talk a little with our guest.

Please make plans to join us.  Remember our meetings are held at Arrowbrook Baptist in Xenia on the second THURSDAY of the month.

We look forward to seeing you all there!!

John and Carmen Mattson

*Taken from The Reading Doctor website

October Meeting

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