September 8, 2011, 7:00 p.m.

Do you feel like you are ever striving for success and yet never obtaining it? Sometimes we need to stop and analyze our definition of success. Are we defining success by others’ standards or by God’s standards? Every year of homeschooling, presents different circumstances and challenges.

Come join us for our September 8, 2011 PEACH Meeting as we discuss a method to ensure success every year, no matter what we face. Our speaker is Dari Mullins*, co-author of Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country. She will focus on the broad heart issues which build the foundation for continued success, regardless of curriculum choice, ages of children, or number of years you have been homeschooling. Dari will encourage you to build your foundation of success on Truth, as well as give you concrete suggestions to implement in your homeschool.

In addition to our speaker, we will have sign ups for activities, field trips and CareGroups. Look for information about these opportunities in the September newsletter (due out the first week of September.) Also, you can find a list of all our upcoming meetings here.  Please plan to join fellow homeschoolers for these evenings of fellowship, encouragement and support.


*Speaker bio: *Dari Mullins began researching homeschooling in 1995. She and her husband, Allen, have taught their 3 children at home since the oldest started kindergarten in 1997. They live in Asheville, NC where Dari teaches co-op classes and stays active with the local community.  She is currently working for Bright Ideas Press, publishers of Mystery of History and other great titles, as the project manager for their new all-inclusive curriculum, Illuminations. She stays busy speaking for various homeschool support groups, conferences and conventions throughout the United States. 

September Meeting

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