Our August PEACH meeting was both informational and encouraging. The notification portion of the meeting was good as we were reminded of how to fill out the forms.  And then Maurice and I shared a little about PEACH as an organization and homeschooling in general.  I also mentioned the resource Tell Your Time that I’d read over the summer. It is a quick read and very practical.  This short e-book gave me guidance on how to set my priorities and make a schedule that {gasp} will work! The author does not leave out how much self discipline plays a roll in getting a schedule to work. Self discipline…easy to type…hard to do.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, September 8 and will feature Dari Mullins as our speaker. Dari is the co-author of Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country and she will be speaking on How to have S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in our homeschool.  In our little homeschool, we spent the last two years galloping and this year, we are cantering! I’m really looking forward to meeting Dari and hearing her speak.

As we attempt to post more often here on the PEACH blog, be sure to leave us comments! Let us know you are here and how your year is going.  🙂

Starting the Homeschool Year

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