Jennifer Beck

January 12, 2012, 7:00 p.m.

She will be encouraging us with “I Once Threw a Chair” and Other True Tales of Successful Homeschooling along with a short discussion on how to occupy preschoolers. Come out, fellowship and be encouraged. “I Once Threw A Chair” and Other True Tales of Successful Homeschooling: Remembering that day, many years ago, when Jennifer Beck found herself at the point of utter frustration, is just another opportunity for this homeschool mom to praise God. It is true; she really threw a chair. She knew it was a better option than throwing a child. But she’s happy to announce that she never threw another chair (and she never threw a child!) Come to this meeting and learn you are not alone with your feelings of frustration, lack of control and sometimes, the desire to quit. Hear stories of homeschool moms from all across the country and be reminded that God can pick you up from every stumble and make you an even stronger vessel for Him.

Jennifer Beck is one of the many who never considered homeschooling as on option. She was busily focusing on her rising career as a television news anchor when it was time for her children to enter school. Off they went to private education, and off she went to work. But without even realizing it, God decided to infiltrate homeschooling into Jennifer’s career life. After working with a college intern who had been homeschooled, she found herself repeatedly reporting on stories of homeschoolers winning national competitions, and then attending public events that were, interestingly, filled with homeschoolers. Considering it all a message from God, Jennifer said good bye to her rising stardom and potential fortune as a news anchor and said yes to something she did not know if she could successfully do: teach her children at home. It was one of the most important decisions she has ever made. In fall of 2011, Jennifer and her husband, Dan, began their 11th year homeschooling. They are strong advocates of home education from birth all the way to graduation, but are sensitive to the individual needs and direction that God gives to each family. Jennifer’s ultimate goal is to see young people grow to become valiant tools whose top desires are to further God’s kingdom.

The doors open at 6:45 p.m. Come join us at Arrowbrook Baptist Church in Xenia.

January 2012 Meeting

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