Last night’s workshop, “When Socialization IS an Issue”,  provided a comprehensive overview of ways parents can assess and improve their child’s social skills. Melinda’s presentation included years of experience as a speech/language pathologist and homeschool mom. She shared many illustrations of her observations and practices with her own children over the years, and gave our group a wide array of recommended resources and games to target and address problem areas. She stayed and answered questions as long as was needed, and judging by the time we all packed up and left, it was clear that many homeschoolers were blessed by all the wisdom and knowledge Melinda, Scott, and Josh had to offer. It was a great time of information, encouragement, and fellowship!

Many thanks to PEACH members who volunteered to help with this meeting by welcoming visitors, running the sound board, and hosting the speaker and her family at their home.

PEACH members can access the outline and recommendations Melinda provided by logging in to their PEACHOnline account.

Amazing March Meeting with Melinda Boring

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