Our tech-savvy PEACH Dads are presenting a workshop on Thursday, May 9th, to help parents navigate the murky waters of the internet and new technologies, and find out about the variety of careers available in tech-based fields.

Topics covered will be:

Social Networks

What they are and how they work for the uninitiated? What are the benefits and the dangers?

Tablets and eReaders

The intuitive interface of a touch-enabled tablet device can provide interactive learning experiences for children starting even before school age. See examples of apps for kids from 4 up through high school and find out how to use them safely.

Internet Safety

The internet provides an access to information unprecedented in history, but with that free access comes the dangers of pornography and other forms of seductive immorality. Our presenter will give an overview of the solutions for protecting computers and other devices from dangerous material. A full write-up on this topic will be available in print form.

Online Security

Is it safe to put my personal information online? What about identify theft, scams, or worse? Hear about considerations for online security.

Preparing kids for careers in computers

Basic computer knowledge is required for almost any career these days. Typing, sending emails, creating documents, etc. There are also opportunities to teach kids more than just the basics, getting them involved in learning to create multimedia (videos or podcasts) and even writing code to create websites and desktop or mobile apps.

When: Thursday, May 9th, 7-9pm (doors open at 6:45)
Where: Arrowbrook Baptist Church 1124 Upper Bellbrook Road, Xenia OH 45385 (map)

PEACH Dads take over in May!

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