Meeting recap septIn our current standards-driven education climate, we as homeschoolers can get caught up in pushing our kids to memorize facts and pass tests instead of helping them move up the ladder of learning.

Renna Bertsche, M.Ed., PCET was our speaker at the PEACH September meeting. She homeschooled her four children through high school, and is now an educational therapist. Mrs. Bertsche received her training at the National Institute for Learning Development ( She has also been involved in the International School Project ( ) in Mongolia.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • Neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to optimize and reorganize itself as a result of changes in behavior, environment, thinking, and emotions.
  • Crystallized intelligence – the ability to use a specific body of knowledge acquired from experiences and learned facts
  • Fluid intelligence – how one solves new problems, uses logic in new situations, and develops strategies.

Parents can teach students to develop these habits of mind:

  1. Make connections by asking student questions such as “How is this like/different than that?”
  2. This helps children develop oral responses and
  3. You can learn from each other
  4. Which results in intellectual growth.

Encourage your children by pointing out the skills and thinking they use to solve problems. Instead of saying “You are smart” say “Good thinking” or “That was creative problem solving”.

Parents need to model a love of reading, intellectual curiosity, cultural literacy, and a love of learning.  Even independent learners need parents for guidance and interaction. We can help our children develop competence and confidence, and enjoy who the Lord has made your child to be.

Recommended reading:

After the main meeting we had a Meet and Eat Fellowship with cookies brought in by PEACH members. Families were able to sign up for field trips, social groups, and PEACH Graduation, ask questions about homeschooling, and learn about opportunities for homeschoolers in our area at our Opportunities Galore tables.

PEACH strives to make each meeting beneficial for homeschooling families so they can get the information, support, and encouragement they need. Don’t miss another meeting – read about next month’s meeting in this post – Kathie Morrissey presents The Top 10 Things I Learned in 30 Years of Homeschooling.

Meeting Recap: Teaching Kids How to Learn in a What to Learn Culture

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