“Everybody In” !! That’s the vision of the PEACH Leadership for this upcoming year and you are invited to participate and see the invaluable place that you fit in.  We are encouragers and supporters of one another in our homeschooling journey and there’s place that YOU fill by being a member and part of PEACH … from praying for one another to answering questions of other homeschoolers to leading a field trip and so many more ways!  So – EVERYBODY IN !!!

The overview of notifying for homeschool education was presented followed by a few PEACH workshop leaders discussing various stages of homeschooling challenges, taking questions and other workshops on choosing curriculum.

If you couldn’t make it to this meeting, we look forward to seeing you in September.  It will be a great time of encouragement and support as we combine the meeting with our Annual PEACH Picnic!  See you then !

Aug Meeting & Workshops
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