Note: Policies are determined by the PEACH officers in accordance with the Bylaws.

Download PEACH Policies as a .pdf by clicking this link PEACH Policies Updated November 2015

PEACH Membership
1. PEACH membership is from the date the application is completed or the date of renewal, and
dues have been received and processed, until the September meeting of the following year.
2. Renewal invitations begin in July and end in August.
3. A short-term membership fee of $15.00 is available for families joining on or after the regularly
scheduled January PEACH Meeting.
4. Membership dues may be refunded within 14 days of the date of membership.
5. PEACH Activities that qualify a member for active status are: regularly scheduled and special
meetings, testing, and the annual family picnic.
6. A “representative” (Bylaw Article III B. 1. b.) is a homeschooling parent/guardian.

PEACH Activity Guidelines and Code of Conduct

All PEACH groups and activities, unless otherwise noted, are reserved for PEACH members
1. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Biblical principles of
respect, courtesy, and morality at all PEACH meetings, events, and activities.
2. All language used should glorify God and edify others.
3. The personal space and property of others should be treated with respect.
4. Physical displays of affection are not permitted at PEACH activities.
5. Participants should respect the activity coordinators and social group leaders and abide by the
requirements for participation in the activities they coordinate.
6. Students attending field trips or social group activities must be accountable to an adult present.
7. Activity coordinators have the authority to admonish or remove a student from the group who
has become unruly.

PEACH Meetings
1. PEACH monthly meetings are free and open to the public. However, participation in the
December Children’s Craft Sale, the Shining Stars Showcase, and the June Homeschool
Curriculum Sale is for PEACH members only.
2. To participate in the June Homeschool Curriculum Sale, you must be a PEACH member by the
January PEACH meeting.

Care Groups and Social Groups
1. Care Groups and Social Groups are for PEACH members only, with the exception of the
PEACH Dad’s Breakfast.
2. Adult Care Groups and Social Groups are small subgroups of PEACH, meeting to discuss
homeschooling topics, share experiences and concerns, promote information sharing, and
provide fellowship and encouragement, fulfilling the mission of PEACH according to the
PEACH Bylaws and Statement of Faith.
3. Youth Social Groups are established for PEACH students to enjoy social interaction with their
peers.  Membership and participation are limited to PEACH member families.
4. New Care Groups and Social Groups must be approved by the Care Group Coordinator or
PEACH President.
5. The PEACH Activity Guidelines and Code of Conduct are to be followed by all participants.

Field Trips
1. Reservation deadlines are determined by the field trip coordinator and will vary by event. Please
check announcements carefully for detailed information.
2. Signing up for an event at a meeting or online does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations
are only confirmed and guaranteed when full payment has been received by PEACH.
3. Cancellations of a registration made 2 days prior to the event will be refunded if possible.
4. If you are registered for an event and an emergency prevents your attendance, you must notify
the field trip coordinator by phone no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the event.
5. If you do not attend and do not notify, you will be charged a $5.00 “no-show” fee and forfeit any
refunds due you. You should pay the fee by the honor system to the Activities VP or mail a
check to:  PEACH P. O. Box 39, Alpha OH 45301-0039.
6. Parents or parent-designated adults are responsible for the behavior of their families and those in
their charge.
7. Field trips are not drop-off activities. A responsible adult must accompany all children. Families
should stay together during tours. If there is a behavior problem during a field trip, the field trip
coordinator has the authority to ask a family to leave the tour.
8. Non-member families may attend a PEACH field trip if all of the following criteria are met:
They are a guest of a member family.
A fee of $2.00 per family is paid to the field trip coordinator. This is in addition to the cost of the
field trip itself. An exception is made for special helpers such as grandparents, who may attend
for no additional fee.
Special helpers bringing non-member children will be assessed this $2.00 fee.
Space must be available. PEACH member families are given priority when space is limited.

PEACH Activities
1. PEACH Bees, Fairs, Skating events, and the Annual PEACH Family Picnic are coordinated by
the Activities VP or a PEACH member approved/appointed by the Activities VP.
2. Non-homeschooled children of PEACH member families may not participate in PEACH Bees
and Fairs.

PEACH Graduation
1. A PEACH member family must have joined PEACH by the September meeting in order to
participate in the PEACH Graduation the following spring.
2. The Graduation membership deadline is October 31st in order to participate in the PEACH
Graduation the following spring.
3. A deposit (determined by the Graduation Coordinators and based on the cost of the Graduation
ceremony) is due upon joining the Graduation group. The balance of the Graduation fee will be
due at a later date, also decided by the Graduation Coordinators.
4. No refunds of Graduation fees will be given after October 31st.
5. PEACH Graduation takes place the Saturday before Memorial Day each year or the Saturday
after Memorial Day each year. The final date will be confirmed by August 31 or earlier by the
Graduation Coordinator.  The intent is for the date to be accessible and mutually agreed upon by
those participating in the PEACH Graduation and to allow latitude in selecting the venue.
6. All graduates, parents/guardians, junior representatives and anyone closely associated with the
ceremony must attend a mandatory rehearsal.
7. Parent(s)/guardian(s) and graduates must make every effort to attend and participate in planning
meetings. Each family will be expected to have at least one parent/guardian participate in
planning by serving on a committee.
8. All participating families must contribute, via the Graduation fees (Item #3 above), to the cost of
graduation operational expenses (i.e. monetary gifts for speakers, decorating expenses, etc.)
Total amount will be determined by the coordinator at the first planning meeting after
membership deadline.
9. Each family will be responsible for their own personal expenses. (i.e. rental of cap and gown,
personal open house/parties, any cost pertaining to any graduate activities organized by the
activity committee, senior pictures and announcements, gifts, etc.)
10. Junior class representatives must be graduating or considering graduation the subsequent year
with PEACH. Siblings of the current senior class will be considered first in representing the
junior class before the general PEACH membership.
11. The PEACH Leadership Team and the Graduation Coordinator will review and decide upon all
extenuating PEACH Graduation participation issues that may arise.
12. Funds collected for the PEACH Graduation will be managed by a Graduation Treasurer and
deposited with the PEACH Treasurer and withdrawn, with receipts presented for reimbursement,
as needed for PEACH Graduation expenses. Procedures for handling all funds will be in
accordance with PEACH By-Laws and will meet all current legal requirements.
13. The PEACH President and Treasurer will provide oversight of the Graduation Budget.

Annual PEACH Testing
1. Non-homeschooled children of PEACH families may not participate in PEACH testing.
2. To participate in PEACH Testing you must be a PEACH member by the date of the January
PEACH Meeting.
3. The test administrator will maintain a high degree of discipline in the classroom during each test
period. Students may only take needed testing materials with them to their seat. Calculators are
permitted for certain sub-tests, but this does not include other devices that have a calculator
function or app. Cell phones, smart phones or tablets are not allowed in the testing room.
4. No parent may be a test administrator or helper in his/her child’s class.
5. Each family participating in testing must be available to assist 2 of the 3 days of testing and must
be available the week after testing in case make-up testing is necessary.
6. If a student misses any section of the test due to unforeseen circumstances (sickness, emergency,
etc.), the parent will be required to pay a PEACH certified tester to administer the remainder of
the test for your child.
7. Make-up tests must be scheduled at the administrator’s convenience in the week following the
PEACH test dates in order to assure timely results for the entire group.
8. If you are unable to do the above, other options would include negotiating with BJU for a partial
refund, testing by another means, or having a narrative assessment done by a certified teacher.

Treasury Policies
1.   All monies entrusted to PEACH by its members shall be handled in a financially sound manner,
with transparent accountability and Biblical stewardship.
2.   Any expenses incurred for PEACH above the amount of $50.00 must be approved by the
Treasurer. Loaded gift cards from the PEACH Treasurer imply approval for PEACH-related
expenses. All purchases must be accompanied by receipts that must be turned in, signed, and
may be original or handwritten. Pre-loaded cards may not be used for personal expenses. Gift
cards with a balance remaining must be surrendered after intended use is concluded. Cards with
balances remaining may then be issued by the Treasurer to cover other approved PEACH
expenses. All cards must be returned by July 1.
3.   No PEACH member with check-writing privileges may write checks to themselves or for
personal use from PEACH funds.

1. An email newsletter is provided to our membership at no extra cost.
2. Send newsletter submissions to The newsletter editor(s) and
leadership of PEACH reserve the right to edit or refuse publication of anything submitted to the
newsletter at their discretion.
3. All submissions to the newsletter and website must be in agreement, in
tone and content, with current PEACH Bylaws, Policies, and Statement of Faith.
4. Submissions are due by the 20th of the month in order to be published in the following month’s
newsletter. Submissions received after this date are not guaranteed a space in the upcoming
5. PEACH does not accept paid advertisements.
6. Blog post submissions for are accepted at any time during the month and
year. They will be reviewed and published upon approval. Please submit blog posts to
7. We accept unsolicited submissions from current PEACH members only and reserve the right to
not publish any piece not in keeping with PEACH policies. The newsletter editor may solicit
submissions from past, graduate and other non-members pertaining to the PEACH mission and
which are within PEACH policies and by-laws.
8. Anyone submitting articles that are reprints of already published works (books, blog posts,
magazine articles) must provide proof in writing that they have obtained permission to reprint.
According to the Fair Use Act, one may quote limited portions of a work for the purpose of
commentary, criticism, review, or news reporting.

PEACH Endorsement
In order for the PEACH name to be used for an event, activity, or organization, a written request
must be submitted for approval by the PEACH officers.

Child Care
PEACH does not provide child care. Parents are welcome to bring their children to meetings and
activities, but children must be supervised by an adult at all times. A nursery is available during
meetings where parents can sit with their young children.

Electronic Communications
1. PEACH uses a private, secure online community where we can share information about
homeschooling and conduct PEACH business.
2. Communications should be respectful, gracious, and honoring to the Lord. Inappropriate posts
may be removed by a moderator.

Change Notice
Unlike the PEACH Bylaws, which can only be amended by a vote of the membership, policies
are determined by PEACH officers and can be changed at any time without notice.

It is not possible for our officers and coordinators to anticipate every organizational, ethical, or
moral situation or conflict. Our Bylaws and Policies are a basic set of guidelines we believe best
serve the mission of PEACH. Any issues that arise and are not specifically covered in our
Bylaws or Policies will be addressed by PEACH officers and coordinators in accordance with
our Bylaws and Policies, guided by Biblical principles, and our heart’s desire to love the Lord
God with all our hearts, and our neighbor as ourselves.

Updated November 2015