Misconceptions about Homeschool Socialization

Misconceptions about Homeschool Socialization

Your kids will leave the house only for educational events, like Calculus for Eight-Year-Olds class and grocery store trips.

You could choose to limit them in that way…or you could choose to open their world to include sports, clubs, religious services, community service projects, trips to friends’ houses…

Neighborhood kids will not want to play with your kids.

You are the Parents who are actually home. Kids will flock to your house after school. Most likely, you will have to set limits, lest you be invaded by children as thick as locusts.

Your kids will learn all of your bad habits.

I’d rather that, than have them learn other people’s bad habits, like drugs at twelve and sex at thirteen.

Your kids will not learn to do ‘normal’ things, like stand in line.

Are you kidding? They go to the grocery with you. They play sports, and they go to crowded museums. Lines are a grand old tradition, they are not limited to schools, and they’re not going away anytime soon. The other wonderful experiences involving waiting endlessly, responding to authority, and being civil to those around you are just as available in the world outside and inside – your house.

They’ll never learn to raise their hands to talk

And this is harmful?

In school, children are the ones who are supposed to be learning to communicate, but they are required to keep quiet most of the time. Contradiction? I think so.

All the same, be sure to teach your children to wait their turn in conversations, I’m sure that most homeschooled kids attend enough ‘classroom’ type activities, as well as other functions that require them to listen attentively, but maybe most of a seven hour day every day is a bit much.

You have to be SuperNatural Parent, Domestic Deity of the Decade

While it is advisable to get your kids started in the world of cooking, basic sewing, etc, that doesn’t mean that you have to become Martha Stewart or Mr. Natural. Bead baking may be beyond you, but maybe a friend or grandparent will be willing to show your kids how it’s done. These are good experiences for them, even if it’s not their favorite activity.

Besides, if you teach them a bit of cooking, maybe one of them will really take to it and replace you in the kitchen!

You must wear a denim jumper and canvas tennis shoes.

Only if you belong to a conservative  homeschooling group and you feel that you must succumb to peer pressure. Or you just happen to like denim jumpers, in which case, wear them happily!

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